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Under Construction: June 9, 2010 – 30 New posts before work. Many more to come late tonight.

Sorry folks I have been bogged down with work. More information coming tonight, and tomorrow. There should be about 50 more posts at least. Martial Law section should be up and running here shortly.


Soldier making fun of Iraqi kids.

End the Wars!

A Soldier’s Revolution: Awesome!

— January 27, 2008 — This soldier is a thinker, something the neocons cannot handle. His endorsement of Ron Paul is huge, because he represents many men and women in uniform who now see the U.S. government foreign policy flaws that threaten our national security, while placing our military and their families at unnecessary risk. Please join this soldier’s revolution by joining the Ron Paul Revolution that promises to bring our troops home, where they belong.

Charlie Chaplin Speaks (rare!) Eerily beautiful speech

We Are Change Members Detained by Chicago Police At Al Gore Event


Al Gore gave the keynote speech at todays Bio International Convention being held in Chicago at McCormick place. Tickets to attend the keynote speeches were over $1,000 so members of We Are Change Chicago decided it was best to try and film Mr. Gore’s motorcade as it left McCormick place. WACC held a banner that read, “WE LOVE THE PLANET NOT THE BANKERS…SHAME ON YOU AL GORE.” WACC is critical of Gore because he insists on politicizing climate change to impose a global carbon tax while personally becoming wealthy in the process. (Please watch Invisible Empire for more information on the people who control Gore. Listen to these interviews with Dr. Tim Ball, retired professor and climatologist for more information on the fraud Gore is carrying out.)

As members of WACC made their way down 31st street near the Lake Shore Drive entrance ramp and McCormick place frontage road (they suspected Gore was using) Officers from the Chicago Police Department stopped and asked what the group was doing. After a pleasant conversation where WACC and the CPD agreed on many of the issues discussed in this article the commanding officer arrived and stated that everyone needed to hand over their bags, get out their Identification and to not move. While the groups identification was being written down the commanding officer noticed that a video camera had been recording all of the events. He then stated that it was illegal to record audio of an officer and that WACC member Steve Krok would be arrested if recording continued. Krok was then placed in handcuffs and put in the back of an unmarked police car. After the eight members of WACC had their information taken down Krok was released and not charged with anything. He was then told if audio of the days events showed up on the internet he would be charged with a felony.

The Illinois Wiretap Statue was summed up best by criminal defense attorney Lou Meza, who also practiced constitutional law for ten years, “The Illinois wiretap statute on eavesdropping is overly broad, even draconian, and while infrequently prosecuted, is yet another mechanism which may be used to quell sincere efforts to place public checks and balances on police agencies. In an era where media and technology are merging into a system of digital surveillance which empower state agencies to record the most mundane aspects of our daily lives, the public right to do the same in the public interest is being diminished. Historically, public video recordings of police activities have placed a substantial check on rogue officers engaging in police brutality and excessive force throughout the United States. Still, there are a number of states which have employed eavesdropping statutes such as the one used in Illinois which make it illegal to record an officer while on duty, whether in public or not. The term ‘eavesdrop’ however, is used to describe a secret or surreptitious act of recording. The statute itself is misleading. The guerilla media tactics of We Are Change are done in public, openly and peacefully. There is nothing secret or surreptitious about it. Our ability to record a public act, of a public servant, is perhaps the last weapon we have against what is increasingly becoming a state devoid of civil liberties.”

You can read the statute here

Since felony charges would be filed if we posted the audio from today, lets just relive the magic that happened last time this bum was in town!

How the Illuminati Create Unlimited Money


Mark Dice
May 10, 2010

The Knights Templar were the first international bankers.

Perhaps you have noticed that frequently the largest and most extravagant buildings in most cities (and even small towns) are banks. It’s fascinating how banks make money off interest, which is one of the most lucrative businesses known to man. While most businesses build a product or provide some kind of service involving manual labor or specialized knowledge, banks make enormous profits through the seemingly magical practice of lending people money and collecting interest on the loans.

When one really looks into how money is created and used, and how interest is generated from loans, it becomes clear that the banking industry is one of the pillars of the New World Order and is at the core of the elite’s ability to control people, politicians, and even governments of large countries.

You’ll often hear people familiar with this issue say that the banks “create money out of nothing, and then loan it out at interest.” Such a statement is hard to grasp at first, but conveys just how big of a con the banking industry is involved in. Such a con game goes back thousands of years and is often blamed on the Jews due to their money lending practices in Biblical times.

In the 10th century the Knights Templar figured out this amazing strategy and became the first international bankers in Europe and the practice contributed greatly to their wealth. On October 13, 1307 (Friday the 13th) the leadership of the Knights Templar were arrested in France for allegedly practicing strange and satanic rituals, a charge most prominent occultists admit was true. Surviving Knights Templar went underground and are believed to have started Freemasonry which they used as a cover for their occult beliefs and practices. Freemasons then continued to operate (and still continue) as a Mystery School which the Illuminati was able to graft onto. Besides functioning as a place to learn occult theology and mysticism, other areas of life are also taught and nurtured in these Mystery Schools such as science, business, and banking.

Because the business of banking is extremely profitable, and the banks owners don’t have to build any products or really provide any services involving extensive manual labor, cunning businessmen saw the potential for virtually unlimited easy money and became involved in the industry. People like Paul Warburg, J.P. Morgan, and others monopolized the industry, thus securing their wealth for countless generations and giving them the ability to buy politicians and fund their personal plans for a global government.

Luke Rudkowski Speech @ G20 Protest 9/24/09, Martial Law, polices state Pittsburgh

Immortal Technique London interview