Sense of Deception

Israel – You’ve gone too far this time


A few of you know I am an American with my long established ties with Israel but I’ve about had it with this Israeli government. I had polio when I was two years old and as a result have had to use crutches and a wheelchair for mobility. As a result I have great empathy for anyone who is disabled.

This spring while I was in Israel for Passover my Israeli Palestinian friends in Haifa showed me pictures and stories of disabled people(men, women and children) in Gaza using sticks instead of crutches or utterly house bound for lack of a wheelchair. Many of the disabled were as a result of the Gaza war. Understandably, I was very moved by their plight even though I don’t have any sympathy for Hamas. My Nephew who is a captain in the Golani Brigade arranged a meeting with the IDF bureaucrats responsible for the the Gaza blockade to hear my request to provide some wheelchairs and crutches for Gaza thru official Israeli channels.

My request was not only denied but scoffed at. I don’t know if there is some valid security reason for the denial or if it’s because I’m on Shin Bet’s shit list. As a result I contacted the people of the Free Gaza movement and I personally purchased 20 wheelchairs and 50 sets of crutches from an Istanbul Medical Supply house for delivery with the Freedom Flotilla.

Now, I assume Israel will offload the wheelchairs and crutches and distribute them to Jewish needy. At least I hope that someone gets use of this equipement rather than have the IDF trash it. Nonetheless, I am appauled at Israel’s barbaric treatment of the disabled regardless of their religious or ethnic background. Israel has to begin to understand that these are real human beings in Gaza – not animals. Israel’s moral compass is spinning out of control and I can find no justification in the Torah for this kind of killing of humanitarian aid workers and the confiscation of humanitarian supplies. May G-d have mercy on Israel – she needs it badly.

UPDATE: Overnight Israeli TV reported that 5 truckloads of goods have been offloaded from the boats and are on their way to Gaza. Reportedly it includes some wheelchairs. I have a flight this evening to Israel where I will attempt to formally change Israel’s stupid attitude toward devices for the disabled. Retirement is great for the freedom it offers.


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