Sense of Deception

We are Change Ireland Ep2 The War for your Mind

WeAreChangeEire — March 15, 2010 — In Episode 2 we speak to Dave: Derby, the founder of the Sovereign Independent, about why the paper is so important for the Irish public. We also tangle with the local policy enforcement as we hand out the Sovereign Independent on Grafton Street. They soon learn that with the power of knowledge and truth on our side, there is nothing they can do to disrupt us. We also talk to the public about the mainstream media, and how they feel about its continuous deceptions.

If you would like to order copies of the Sovereign Independent, contact:
+353 86 2432 404

Credit goes to – Dave, Alan, Adam, Rhuaidhri, Ash, Rowan, Paul, Sonja, Kev, Mairead and the lovely people of Dublin.

Opening Song: Flobots – War For Your Mind

Sky News footage is a registered copyright of BSkyB, and is being used under a fair use licence.

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