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The MOSSAD “Predicted” 9/11 back in 1979

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The MOSSAD “Predicted” 9/11 back in 1979

The MOSSAD’s founder predicted Jimmy Carter losing the presidency, the assassination of Egypt’s Sadat and the WTC attacks.

Either this man shames Nostradamus or……..

The Final Move Beyond Iraq the Book by ‘Mikey’ Evans

I thought again about the words of Isser Harel, a good friend and founder of Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency. On September 23, 1979, I had dinner at Harel’s home with Dr. Reuben Hecht, the senior advisor of Menachem Begin, the Israeli prime minister at that time. I asked Isser three questions, and I shall never forget his answers because all three came to pass just as he said they would.

“Who do you think will win the presidential election, Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan?”

“I know Carter is ahead in the polls, but the word on the street is Iran will have something to say about that. They are planning on releasing the hostages during the inauguration of Ronald Reagan to keep Carter from being reelected.”

“Will President Sadat succeed with Jimmy Carter in pushing for human rights and democracy in Egypt?”

“We saved his life twice from radical Islamic terrorists. He will not always be there. I fear he will be killed.”

“Will terrorism ever come to America?”

“America is developing a tolerance for terrorism. The United States has the power to fight terrorism, but not the will; the terrorists have the will, but not the power. But all of that could change in time. Oil buys more than tents. You in the West kill a fly and rejoice. In the Middle East, we kill one, and one hundred flies come to the funeral. Yes, I fear it will come in time.”

“Where will it come to?” I asked him.

He thought for a moment. “New York is the symbol of your freedom and capitalism. It?s likely they will strike there first at your tallest building, because it?s your greatest fertility [phallic] symbol and it is a symbol of your power.”

Brought to you courtesy of one Mike Evans, another Israel-Firster Christian Zionist… or so he pretends.

A man by the name of Mike D. Evans [a Jews who has become a fake Christian] who describes himself as “the only non-military minister to visit Iraq three times in the last 12 months” is mailing out letters in a massive mail campaign to millions of US households. This man is a warmonger who is hell-bent on destroying yet another innocent country [Iran]. He has written a book “The Final Move beyond Iraq”. His mail included an article by him titled “Israel may have to strike Iran”. He is asking “to rush your gift of $144 or the best gift you can send, so I can continue to be your representative. Together we can stand in the gap for God’s Chosen People. (The Almighty will bless His people with peace.)Under divine appointment and he signs– Michael D. Evans”.

“P.S. In this crisis hour do not miss this divine moment to step into the annointing of the hundredfold blessing. If you cannot give $144 perhaps you can send $72 or $36. Any amount would be a tremendous help. Please rush the Save Jerusalem survey back to me immediately with your hundredfold gift” His address: Save Jerusalem, Processing Center P.O Box 527 Forest VA 24551-0527. He in the letter writes “while in Israel I cried out to the Lord for His protection”.

This was the last paragraph in his letter which he has been mailing out to millions of people: “I want to send you a copy of my NY Times best-selling book, The Final Move beyond Iraq. This is the purpose driven book that America is reading. Mike Huckabee, former governor of AK and 2008 presidential candidate said, “The Final Move beyond Iraq is a great book, one that every American should read.” In it I draw from extensive interviews with prime ministers, CIA directors and other insiders. A Persian revolution is spreading and is on the brink of becoming America’s greatest threat since the Civil War. This book is a wake-up call to mobilize millions to action!”

‘Mikey’ also leads the “Jerusalem Prayer Team,” praying that Americans keep sending their money to Israel and kids off to fight and die for Zionism. Anytime someone like Evans gets the ‘thumbs-up,’ from one of the world’s leading terrorists, Benny Nuttyahoo, you know something is amiss.

‘Mikey’ Evans has also appeared on Paul Vallely’s “Stand Up America,” a staunchly right-wing radio program (also available on the internet) that regularly features neoconservatives and hardline policy wonks as guests, including Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, Brigitte Gabriel, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Caroline Glick, Mark Steyn, Kenneth Timmerman, Ann Coulter, Brad Blakeman of Freedom’s Watch, and Cliff May of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

‘Mikey’ knows its those damned hippies that got all this started and not his war mongering ‘Gawd’ fearing leachers, uhh, I mean preachers like Pat Robertson and Joel “Wanna Be Rich like Me?” Osteen. And ‘Mikey’ is a regular on Rupert Murdoch’s Soft Core Porn News Channel.


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