Sense of Deception

Pennsylvania Cops Ticket Hundreds of People for Bad Language


Kurt Nimmo
May 12, 2010

In Pennsylvania, the cops have become arbiters of polite speech.

According to an ACLU lawsuit, the Pennsylvania State Police charged hundreds of people with disorderly conduct for swearing. “American Civil Liberties Union lawyers say they reviewed 770 such citations issued by state police in a recent one-year span and found that most of them involve profanities and other legal, nonobscene speech,” reports the Associated Press.

For instance, a pizza delivery driver was cited for swearing at an officer over a parking ticket and a woman was ticketed for daring to use a derogatory word after a motorcyclist swerved at her.

The Pennsylvania law carries a possible 90-day jail term and $300 fine.

The state of Pennsylvania has not suddenly taken on the role of Miss Manners. Hardly. This is simply another scheme designed to fleece the commoners. It has nothing to do with protect and serve. It has to do with filling the state’s coffers.

The cops are not here to protect you. They do not serve the people. They serve a parasitical state that increasingly views all of us as marks. We are here to be swindled at every turn through taxes, fees, and tickets issued willy-nilly for the most absurd reasons.

It’s bad enough the state is attempting to limit and roll back the First Amendment. Now they want to ticket you for using it.


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