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New Film ‘Machete’ evokes race war

TheAlexJonesChannel — May 09, 2010 —…

Director Robert Rodriguez’ new film ‘Machete’ has created controversy after a promotional trailer released online makes provoking comments about Arizona– referring to its new immigration laws– before depicted a machete-wielding vigilante who leads an uprising and massacre against Texas authorities. The filmmakers called it a ‘special’ Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona, inviting viewers into a violent on-screen race war with red-saturated 70s exploitation violence and endless killing.

Alex Jones explains how the unsettling film, currently in production here in Austin, Texas, had upset two of its crew members, both of whom happened to be hispanic, enough to contact him about its fiery message. Though they could not give details due to their contractual agreements, the industry insiders were concerned that the film had gone too far, voicing their fears that it could cause a cultural backlash and do harm to the otherwise positive image of the hispanic community.

Racial strife is often exacerbated unnecessarily by globalists forces who, though seeking to integrate North America regionally, divide & conquer the population by playing upon ethnic tensions. For a violent film to use such a backdrop to glorify and potentially incite violent attacks on white Americans over the immigration issue is very dangerous, and Alex urges the film’s director to carefully consider the impact such an extreme statement could have. Though the movie screen is an escapist dimension where sex & violence are commonplace, ‘Machete’ ties it into a racially motivated issue spurned by anti-illegal immigration rhetoric.

The trailer insinuates that the film’s lead is hired to assassinate a Texas senator rallying so hard against illegal immigrants that he calls their very presence on United States soil “terrorism.” However, ‘Machete’ realizes he’s been betrayed, and instead set-up as a patsy for a failed-assassination attempt to be blamed on what is termed crudely by the film’s villains to be “Mexicans” and “cucarachas.” From there, he develops a taste for revenge and initiates an out-and-out killing spree, recruiting an angry mob along the way, whose leader decries “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us” in downtown Austin. The trailer shows a crowd all holding up machetes in preparation for battle. As the film is not scheduled for release until September, we cannot say whether the film will be as violent and over-the-top as the trailer implies, but if the wary crew members are any indication, this film could be an unwanted wedge of racial anger that no one wants unleashed.

Curiously, FOX, who is ‘Machete’s’ distributor, blasted the film in a May 6 articled entitled, “Violent movie declares war on Arizona for immigration law.” However, the article was pulled and deep-sixed. The URL pulled up a ‘page not found.’ Talking Points Memo blasts the fact in their article, “Fox News Scrubs Article Criticizing Fox’ Robert Rodriguez Film “Machete” as “Racist” & Declaring “War on Arizona.” Clearly, Rupert Murdoch & co. are playing both sides of a potentially explosive cultural-political issue. FOX won a ‘bidding war’ for the film, which grew out of a parody trailer spliced into the 70s-cult throwback “Grindhouse,” a double-header release featuring works by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, both notable for their excessive and stylistic violence.

It has been established that the Ford Foundation and other top organizations have funded and influence groups like Mecha and La Raza. Border enforcement is lax because big businesses take advantage of the low wage labor; meanwhile, the same NAFTA, WTO and CAFTA visionaries ship jobs overseas and gut the industrial base in America. The clash of cultures is then pressured further by fiery rhetoric, perceived job opportunities, language barriers and political issues. For ‘Machete’ to call for such violence and glorify killings in relation to such a sensitive political topic is potentially criminal if it caused people to act out in real life.

So what of the role of cinema and television cultural products in the larger picture of shaping the opinions and habits of our increasingly naive and shallow population? One need only read between the lines, flip through the channels in a critically-evaluating way (rather than a hyponotic, dreamy way) and read the statements of the ruling elite, who have made sport of pushing our buttons.


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