Sense of Deception

Dr. Rima Reports on Codex: US Attempts to Hide GMOs From Consumers, Prevent Labeling Worldwide

The US has been trying to prevent labeling dangerous GMO foods made by its Multinational Corporate masters like Monsanto for decades, ever since the scientifically illiterate George Bush, Sr. declared GMOs to be “substantially equivalent” to non GMO foods and prevented the FDA from conducting, or even examining, GMOs for safety! But most of the rest of the world wants GMOs and GMO-derived ingredients labeled.
The pitched battle at Codex Committee for Food Labeling (Quebec, Canada, May 3-7, 2010) is between the US (accompanied by its toxic ducklings like Argentina, Canada and Mexico) and the rest of the world which knows that consumers are entitled to be able to protect themselves from GMO foods if they wish to.
Natural Solutions Foundation was there and Dr. Rima Reports brings you the story.


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