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Security Governance


Security Governance

June 26- 27, 2010, Toronto, Ontario will be hosting a 2010 G20 Summit. The G20 is a newly-formed group of twenty of the world’s principal economic leaders, including European Union representation. While the grouping has existed for a decade amongst international Finance Minister – Bank Governors, the respective leaders began meeting in this context only in 2008, following an economic crisis – the effects of which are still being profoundly felt.

The security and protection surrounding such an event is very intricate and collaboration from various law enforcement partners is essential to ensure a successful event.

Summit Integrated Security Unit

The RCMP has created the Summit Integrated Security Unit, which is comprised of the RCMP, the OPP (in the G8 context), the Canadian Forces, Toronto Police Service, Peel Regional Police and other law enforcement and security experts who will work collaboratively to ensure the safety of the International Protected Persons (IPPs), VIPs and the community. To every extent possible, the Summit Integrated Security Unit will work to minimize to the fullest extent possible, the potential of impact of police security operations as well as impact on the city of Toronto and surrounding areas.

As the Toronto Police Service (TPS) is the police force of jurisdiction in Toronto, they will assist in protecting the Internationally Protected Persons (IPP) and VIPs as well as, secure the outside perimeter of the G20 Controlled Access Zones for the guests of the Canadian Government and the community. Other law enforcement partners are also part of the security measures for the G20 Summit. In addition, it will be the responsibility of the TPS to deal with any protests outside the security perimeter established by the RCMP or disruptions such as those involving road closures not under the highway jurisdiction of OPP.

G8-G20 2010-ISU is responsible for all aspects of security planning including but not limited to:

  • accreditation
  • aviation security
  • tactical emergency response
  • working with RCMP units responsible for Internationally Protected Person (IPP), VIP security
  • aviation management over G20 site
  • communications security
  • sites and venues security
  • community relations
  • traffic control
  • mobilization
  • training

For those not familiar with the G20, in 1998 RCMP and its partners successfully carried out G7 protective operations in this same location – in the same year as we secured the Calgary Winter Olympic Games. As there are many obvious similarities, it serves as a relevant example for 2010.

Mandate and responsibilities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

  • General coordination of Security RCMP
  • Close personal protection of Heads of State and VIPS
  • IPP Motorcades and bodyguards
  • Site security (event site area perimeter, airspace)
  • Access Control
  • Federal Liaison
  • Operational support
  • Accreditation
  • Border integrity
  • Liaison with federal departments
  • Intelligence coordination
  • Communications Coordination
  • Unified command with the TPS and CF et al

Anticipated mandate and responsibility of the Toronto Police:

  • Jurisdictional duties in Toronto including participation in motorcades.
  • Traffic safety on impacted road networks
  • Crowd management
  • Crime management
  • To secure the outer perimeter of the MTCC Controlled Access Zone and all other Toronto CAZ areas for guests of the Canadian government at the Summit
  • Assistance to the RCMP upon request
  • Providing specialized services such as:
  • Explosive Disposal Unit
  • Canine Unit
  • Underwater Search and Rescue
  • Marine patrol
  • Obstruction Removal Team
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives Team
  • Law enforcement through the Public Order Unit
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Joint intelligence coordination
  • Unified command participation with the RCMP
  • Liaison to municipal government

Peel Regional Police:

Jurisdictional duties in PEEL Region including security coordination on the tarmac and controlled areas of Pearson Airport.

Anticipated Mandate and responsibility of Ontario Provincial Police:

  • Policing services pursuant to the Police Services Act of Ontario
  • Traffic safety on impacted highway networks
  • Assistance to the RCMP upon request
  • To provide policing services in aid of other police forces in Ontario as may be required by the Operational Commander of the Integrated Security Unit.

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