Sense of Deception

The takedown story isn’t over yet

We Are Change SF
Friday, February 26th, 2010

Did you think we heard the end of it when got pulled from the air? Hardly. The Intellecual Property (IP) attorney Evan Cox states in his letter to cryptome “it was not Microsoft’s intention that the takedown request result in the disablement of web access to the entire website”. What on earth did they think they were doing then?

Network Solutions hosts the domain name for and the only way they have of complying with a request of this nature is to either push back and not do anything, or take the domain off the internet.

It would be the internet service provider who hosts that might have something to say about what data is on the server, NOT the domain name registrar. Registrars like GoDaddy, Network Solutions,, etc, only register the names for websites. In some cases they do host the website, but that is really a self-service option. These supra-huge companies like Network Solutions really can’t waste their time fiddling with requests like “I want this file removed from the site”, so they just pull the whole site down in hopes not to get any further litigation. Of course they don’t take a moment to consider it is their customer’s domain name they are pulling down.

These large companies really are at fault, because they don’t have any morals. They are the reason the New World Order exists, because they don’t stop for second and actually think about what they are doing. They are homicidal manics waiting for the next score.

But did anyone ever consider that Evan Cox may have opened Microsoft up for yet more litigation? By purposefully targetting through Network Solutions, he was deliberately trying to take the domain off the internet. Therefore, this IP attorney Microsoft hired is either incompetent or lied. Either of which case is bad news for Microsoft.


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