Sense of Deception

You’re Right, Joe Stack Wasn’t Bin Laden, He’s Just A Guy Who Went Postal

Henry Blodget
Business Insider
February 19, 2010

Yesterday, after Joe Stack intentionally flew his plane into an office building after ranting about high taxes, we were appalled that some people seemed to regard him as a patriot.

Stack’s “method” might have been wrong, some readers said, but his crusade was dead on. Some compared him to the American colonists before the Revolutionary War. Others suggested he was a modern-day George Washington.

We found (and still find) this view outrageous.

Joe Stack, it seemed to us, was a domestic terrorist, a man who tried to murder hundreds of innocent Americans for doing nothing more than working in an office building. The only difference between Joe Stack and Osama Bin Laden, we argued, was that Bin Laden killed a lot more people.

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